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The Changing Wind Brings Communion with the Creator

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde and Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings
Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the Creator, listen to how Wolf howls in the cooling night as Grandmother Moon grows in abundant fullness. The mountain night landscape is breathtaking to behold! There is a deep quiet and stillness as we move toward winter and snow.

Shine Your Light

The Collective Spirit
Thelma Bodnar

As you are aware of our concerns and deepest love for all of you, we continually monitor your progress and align with your purpose. The extent of our concern for you is endless.

Finishing What Was Started

Isis of Thebes and Karnak
Beverley Bright Star

Hello, my beloved friends. This is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. I come to you today to continue some talks about and take some journeys to the inner realms of ancient Egyptian mystery schools.

You Are Good and Free to Celebrate Your Purpose

Archangel Raphael
Trisha Michael

Nourish your holy temple with the passion of you. Connect with each other in this depth of passion, for each of us has come with a passion to participate with each other.

Healing Energies Emerge Now

Mother of Light and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde
Blue Turtle

Precious children of light, I call to you today to reveal how much you are loved and treasured by me and the other healing energies supporting and guiding you through this lifetime. Know that I am here for you in whatever capacity you need as you move closer to me and to Spirit.

A New Dynamic for Living on Earth

Archangel Metatron
Thelma Bodnar

For eons, humans have chosen to expand themselves for the sole purpose of experiencing life in its fullness.

Awareness Brings a Great Healing Force

Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe
Rae Chandran

Well, my dear ones, this is Cecil. There has been much news about me recently. My passing has brought world attention to the animal kingdom and the country where I resided with my pack. Well, this is good.

Claim Your Sacred Divine Power

Jeanne d'Arc
Star Hinman

I, Jeanne, come to you all now to strengthen and encourage you for the task at hand, which is bringing forth the archetype for the New Age on Earth.

Determine Your Life Purpose

Mary Magdalene
Mercedes Kirkel

How does one determine his or her life purpose?

Replenishing Your Soul Essence

Archangel Raphael
Trisha Michael

Through the grace of togetherness, we share the extension of our dreams. In dreaming, all is possible, and in these possibilities, we get to anchor them in grace, in a structure, and in a place that is divinely ours.


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