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Your Life Purpose Is Love

Your Life Purpose Is Love The Light of Day through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings, beloveds. We bring you messages of peace, love, and honor for your blessed journey. We do not compete with others who bring you messages; rather, we hope to be a sacred addition to the guidance and words of others.

Many millennia ago, there was a horse that became a symbol of honesty, vigilance, and beauty. The horse was a great friend, a great confidante, and a special source of compassion and understanding. All who knew the horse longed to walk alongside her, for her beauty was bedazzling. No one ever asked to ride on her sleek back, for her essence bespoke of her unique spirit. Just standing beside her was enough to inspire people to be better, do better, and respect all life.

A day came when no one saw or heard anything of the horse. They had all gotten used to her presence among them. A sadness befell the people, who searched high and low for the beloved member of their community. The sun and moon rose and fell, and day after day, the people became more melancholy. They could not imagine what they had done wrong that caused their beautiful friend to leave without a word.