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Clear Old Blocks with Disentanglement

Robert Shapiro

There is a process called disentanglement that you can use to relieve you of a great deal of tension and old stuff. It is a wondrous process, and it’s very specific to you. Only you need to know what you are doing with disentanglement. It will take time, but you can pursue the matter yourself.

Prepare for the Shift of Space in June

Arthur Fanning

We’re here. What we have now enveloping your planet is an energy field that has led to the history of your beings. That energy field now is a memory vortex where the process of your self becomes apparent.


Lee Carroll

Note: This channeling has been abridged from its original recorded form for size and efficiency.

A Vision for the Future

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, through our many past messages, we have endeavored to help you remember your wondrous past and to accept the truth you have within you that is needed to create a grand new world.

Free Your Chakras from the Physical Body

The Hathors
Maureen St. Germain

The following channeling took place during the channel’s recent sacred journey to Egypt.

Be the Master of Your Life

Virginia Ellen

Virginia: Our understanding of love from the ego and the third dimension is limited and based on the need to be loved, liked, and accepted and to do it right.

Use Neutralization for Personal and Planetary Healing

Juliano and the Arcturians
David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! Starseeds are greatly concerned about the polarizing energies permeating this planet. This polarization energy is often destructive and can create upheavals and chaos, as well as damage the biosphere.

Tips to Live a Harmonious Life


In your estimation, what are the most common ways that we undermine our time management skills? Please give us a few strategies we can implement to increase our personal time-management ability.

Remember Your Magnificence

Master Kuthumi
Therese Dorer

The vision presented to me is an expansive landscape of sand dunes swirling and changing as the wind creates sculpted huge dunes and ripples in the sand. It is an ocean of movement and change.

Choose to Expand Your Heart

Archangel Zadkiel
Sri Ram Kaa

All that will be and all that is have now come forward — glorious connection indeed! We offer this sharing today because as you move forward in the glorious recognition of the expanding consciousness from the many worlds that are present, you have arrived at the time of great understanding.


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