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You Are Part of Everything God Created

Shockara Starbeings
Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth beings, what a celebration of joy and wonder it is as you gather with cosmic forces and positive alien energies to work together for the common good of the universe!

You Can Transform Violence on This Planet

Grandfather and Isis and Joopah
Robert Shapiro

Robert: What to do about people who are causing harm intentionally?

Understand Your True Self

Arthur Fanning

You're beginning to be willing to communicate with the spiritual aspect of yourselves — we'll say your auric layers because that's what you see sometimes. Each layer is energy of feeling, and when you begin to feel the space we talked of, you'll feel the loneliness. It's an intense feeling.

The Beginning of the Great Peace

Master Sananda
Judith K. Moore

Greetings, beloved disciples of light. I am Master Sananda, the Christ. Thank you for opening your Christ lightbodies to receive me so that we may be in a sacred state of communion with the Christ vibration and power of the Christ consciousness.

Love and Light Make You Strong

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua
Mercedes Kirkel

Hello, beloveds. This is Mary Magdalene, and I am here with Yeshua. We are very happy to be with you. We would like to know how we can help and support you. What do you specifically need help with?

You Are Returning to Unity

Council of Transition
Takeli Mmagdalen

Beloved hearts, I am Mufa, speaking to you this day as the voice of the Council of Transition. You, in your love, came to Earth to be of service in the cycles of change now well under way on the planet, throughout your solar system, and far beyond.

Release Expectations to Be Free of Disillusionment

One Life
Catherine Bean Weser

Becoming disenchanted or dissatisfied with something as a result of discovering that it is not as good as it was believed to be is how disillusionment is usually understood.

Spiritual Leadership Is Coming

The Peacemakers
Robin Baldock

You are seeing how those in your society with the loudest voices are emphasizing and encouraging the division among factions within political parties and among religions.

Your Persona Is Fulfilled

Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth to briefly speak with you to assist you in daring to change. Now, you might wonder what I am asking you to change, and the truth is that I am not asking you to change. Your inner being is asking — begging!

Prepare to Don Your Lightbody

Supreme Creator Goddess

All are the same in heaven. All have the Creator gene to create all desires with the exception of "do no harm." "Peace to all beings, and peace for all beings" is our mantra when manifesting.


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