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A Parable of the Backyard

Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I promised a parable, and it will feature a character named Wo. If you’ve not heard this before, Wo represents every human. Wo is not a single gender but both genders: wo-man.

You Are Waking Up in the Soul Forces

Spirit of Space and the Voice of Thunder
Arthur Fanning

Spirit of Space: Peace to all beings. We are the Spirit of Space because we are everywhere and everywhen. We were with you when you initially became a “when,” and we are with you in the future to understand the present moment that you are in.

The Pole Shift — an Opportunity for Global Cooperation

Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Zoosh. I need to talk about something that is known and understood by your scientists but not in its complete picture. There is something happening on Earth now that cannot be stopped.

Everything Is Energy in Motion

The Founders
Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the first souls that came to Earth. We want to share with you some aspects of an idea that many of you know about but few understand. You are no longer surprised to hear that everything is energy.

The Value of Love

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, now we will speak of love — the value of love. Why do you seek love? Because, truly, from the time you take form, you are looking for love. You want to know, “Where can I find it? How can I keep it? I want to be loved. I want to give love.”

You Are on a Different Version of Earth Now

Robert Shapiro

This is Isis. You will find in the coming months that this planet you are walking about on will feel a little different under your feet. You who are sensitives and attuned to subtle changes will likely notice it first.

Everything Will Become a Bit Easier

Archangel Omniel
Ingrid Auer

Greetings! I am Archangel Omniel, and I work closely with Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. You’ve had some hard times, haven’t you? But there is a quieter one to come.

See Beyond the Differences That Divide You

Cristi Jenkins

When we present you insights about the challenges you face, we speak as a unified whole. Indeed, we are individual pieces of creation with conscious thought and will, yet we come together in solidarity to offer you support in these very confusing and turbulent times.

New Integrations Arise

The Cosmic Council and Archangel Michael
Pat Crosby

As the shift reaches a new crescendo of light and power, humanity has upped its game to be able to absorb, process, and integrate increasingly greater amounts of light and shadow. Now you have the ability and the skill set to make conscious choices concerning where you want to go next.

True Communication

Omnidimensional Beings
Kathy Wilson

We connect once again. We look forward to these sessions, as they offer us the opportunity to visit your world through you and thus experience what it is like to be a human in the third dimension.


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