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Mindfulness and Mobile Devices

Sunny Chayes

Often what comes to mind when I think of my iPhone is how mindful it really isn’t. I think of the many times the person with whom I am sharing a meal has picked up the phone to make a call or look something up on the internet — or to return a text.

Opportunities in Positive Precog Consultation

Theresa Cheung

Imagine going to pick out a new car in the year 2035. After test-driving it — of course, it runs on an alternative fuel that has one byproduct: water — you meet with your positive precog sales associate. You have to wait a few minutes because she’s not quite done with her meditation hour.

Four Keys to Spiritual-Material Balance

Anna Gatmon

It seems we have taken the sacred out of most of our modern lives. For example, we produce, consume, and discard food without stopping to appreciate the wonder of seeds that turn into trees, which then bear fruit that nourishes our bodies and souls.

Probable Futures through 2019 and Beyond

Mark Allen Frost

The awakening of humanity is becoming increasingly recognizable to you in your now moment. You are creating this awakening with your thoughts.

Curiosity and the Future, Oh My!

A Babylonian Scribe
Susan Sampson

I sit amid the wants and desires of what is to be and the vast history of what was. Both exist in the now, but that discussion is for another time. I am a scribe of curiosity who has read the ancient texts and sees the cycle of humanity on Earth.

You Have What It Takes to Change the World

The Pleiadians
Sylvia Bucek

In cooperation with life and your higher self, you are telling a new story. It promises passion, opportunity, and adventure — your dream come true. A wondrous new beginning is calling you. It might seem that you are receiving the call ahead of time.

The True Male Archetype Awakens

The Collective
Matthew Russell LaBarre

The true intuitive male energy will powerfully awaken this coming year. It has already begun. The first to awaken will be those who have suppressed their intuitive nature because it is not rational or has been considered feminine.

Predictions of the New Earth

Archangel Raphael
Deborah Morrison

Dearest ones, I tell you with deepest love that I am with you always. You wish to know what will be going on in the year 2019. Some of humanity will be at the forefront — the lightworkers, the way-showers, and the ones who light the way. Who are they?

The Year of Spiritual Encounters

Kenneth Drake

For you, our beloveds, will come a season of great change, the likes of which you cannot yet comprehend. This season will be the beginning of a great manifestation of our world with yours — a time when, truly, the world of spirit will overshadow the world of flesh as never before.

Honor the Seasonal Shift

Jenine Beecher

Winter solstice is an opportunity to match the tempo of nature and to slow down. This is an opportunity to explore our spirits’ shadow side and invite healing opportunities, as this powerful internal shift can be taxing on our bodies.


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