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Walk with Me

Virginia Ellen

Life is perceived through your body — the eyes to see and the ears to hear. You judge everything you hear and see. You give all things value with your judgments. You justify your judgments and always try to make them right. You make others wrong so that your judgments are justified.

Celebrate Death

Archangel Azrael
Jill Harrison

Blessings. Every day new souls enter the Earth plane, and every day old souls depart and return to the spiritual realms. All things created are constantly going through cycles dictated by divine will. It is important that you do not fear death.

Yeshua’s Role in Earth’s Ascension

Mary Magdalene
Mercedes Kirkel

Why did Yeshua accept to be crucified and to go through what he did?

Things Are Better Than They Seem

Lily of the Sirius Group
Beverley Bright Star

Hello, everyone. This is Lily of the Sirius star group. I am here today to begin a dialogue with you about the many things affecting your lives these days.

You Are a Galaxy in Human Form

Inspired Guidance
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am she who comes from the stars, from the home that lives in your heart. The threads of my gossamer gown of light are interwoven constellations that pulse for you. I am she who you wish upon in the night sky as you look up and see my starlight pulsing toward yours.

Be Trust in Motion

Archangel Raphael
Trisha Michael

Breathing in creativity expands the awareness that connections are eternal. Each space of a connection holds a dynamic flow of information, and it also provides strength, abundance, and peace.

The Transformation of All Human Existence

Master Aza Ra
Judith K. Moore

I am Aza Ra. I am the emissary of light of the Cosmic Council for Human Evolution. We are your loving family of light that has united the Galactic Councils of Peace for the sake of universal harmony. I am a Pleiadian human from Terra Azara, a sister planet of Terra Gaia in a higher universe.

Channel Your Gift to This World

Mother Ulura
Karinna Nielsen

Many of you are experiencing an increased feeling of the new dimensional energies approaching your world.

You Are the True Essence of Life

The Universe
Athene Raefiel

Mighty beings of light assisting us in our journey of life, won’t you please tell me why there is so much suffering and sadness in life on this planet?

At Transition’s Door, Part 1

Isaiah and Ezekiel
Kathryn Rawlings

We all are in labor now as a prequel of our birth into ascension living. Our spiritual team is here to comfort, assure, and embrace us and to bolster our inner knowing and peace. When we feel their love, we open to love’s radiance.


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