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Home Is Within You!

Home Is Within You! Saint Germain and Friends through Ray Dawn

Hello to all you beautiful beings! It is I, Saint Germain, here to speak to each of you and to allow being-ship within each of your dear hearts.

Dear ones, now is the time. Yes, always it is now, and even more so, now is truly the time to awaken your hearts’ fullest embrace of being a human upon this sphere.To be truly human is the task at hand. You may ask, “What does it mean to truly be a human being?” Well, dearest person upon your beloved sphere, to be truly human is to be your living essence in form. Yes, each of you is a living essence in material form on Earth, at this time in this stratosphere, circling around the Sun at a certain frequency.The frequency you are in is of course going through a major upgrade, a revolution of being, and a renaissance of delight. Yes, it can truly be a delight as you let go and allow who you really are.

We shall forever come back to this question: Who are you? You are a being who is delighting in matter, who can become self-aware, and who can allow his or her own fulfillment, appreciation, and love of self.We say to each of you: Love of self is key. It is the way through this time of the transformation of matter, as it is at hand. Yes, it is!