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How to Cultivate Spiritual Simplicity

Victor M. Parachin

The death of his wife from cancer at the young age of thirty-seven had a profound, life-changing impact on Ron. A driven corporate executive, Ron decided he wanted to establish other priorities in his life and live more simply.

The Just Society and New Jerusalem

Juliano and the Arcturians
David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Let us look at the concept of the just city of light, the just society, and let us talk about how the just city can manifest on Earth. The idea of the just city of light reminds me of planetary ascension.

Origins and Belonging

St. Germain
Rebecca Dawson

Greetings to you. We want to address your totality. It has been interesting to watch you humans in recent years come to know your totality within the human experience. Your DNA contains a limitation in its coding that has prevented you from experiencing the totality of what you are.

Seek Connection for the Coming Changes

Lois Hartwick

It is with enormous light and gratitude that I come through to express some thoughts and ideas. There is a big change energetically that has been occurring on your planet for some time. It is as if I can see waves of energy coming forth and altering the spectrum of how you have been living.

Heal with Your Solar Christ Presence

Mighty Arcturus and Lady Diana Elohim
Star Hinman

Star: For humanity, the patterns of our divine perfection, which contain the blueprint reflecting perfect health, peace, abundance, enlightenment, joy, and love, are recorded and stored within our solar Christ presence.

Hold Your Own Space

The Supreme Creator Goddess

How do you hold a space of love and light during turbulent times? By knowing who you are and by honoring that great being with acknowledgment and love. Love of self, no matter what place and time you find yourself in, is the way.

Peace and Joy Within Create Peace and Joy Without

The Pleiadian Council
Thelma Bodnar

Greetings, dear ones! How nice it is to have a few moments to spend with you. We rejoice in your participation in these spontaneous channelings. We frequent your planet quite often and see you hard at work, fulfilling the promises you made before entering humanity’s realm.

The New Male Paradigm

The group
Steve Rother

We join you this day to take you to the next level, because there is so much information being shared on planet Earth. It gets a little confusing from time to time, so first let us bring you greetings from Home.

Calling in the Heart of Your Beloved

Deirdre Hade

We all have the longing for a deeper experience of love. It is part of our human nature to desire to connect in a truly intimate way with another. Here are wise and heart-centered steps for developing intimacy in love.

It Is Time for Youto Know a Deeper Love

Peace Plan

Nori Muster

Support positive energy: We move into a sustainable future as we move away from oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power. We research and develop new forms of green renewable energy all the time.


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