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Call on Crystalline Stellar Skulls for Protection

Terra Rae

Our Team Earth crew has integrated the stellar skulls to activate synchronicities, joy, stamina, and love and to heal and clear us and our spaces. Did you know you can call on them to enhance your life, work, play, and your own crystal skulls?

Stand United Against Those Who Divide

Mahatma Gandhi
Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, enjoy the bounty of harvest and friendship as the late summer weather changes. Abound in the beauty and sustenance of this special time of year as you explore the countryside and quiet places to which you and your loved ones are called.

The Reunification of the Twin-Flame Energy

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene
Lea Chapin

Greetings, my beloveds. Yes, it is I, Christ. I am here with my beloved twin flame, Mary Magdalene. We are here by grand design, and we are extremely excited to call forth the reunification of the twin flame energy on this planet.

Open Your Heart

Lois Hartwick

My blessing are upon you, children of Earth, starbeings of the universe, lovers of life. All that you are is within me. There is no exception to this.

A Planet Has Found Earth

The group
Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. We join you this day as a collective, for we have a very important message to bring you. We bring you greetings from Home. That is how we have started our channelings for many years, telling you that we see you on Earth.

Honor the Small and Vulnerable

Gilly Wilmot

We begin by focusing on that which is sometimes invisible to the human eye. Some very tiny creations of life on this planet are unseen, but their contribution to the balance of life is remarkable.

Planetary Cities of Light and Ascension

Juliano and the Arcturians
David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! Each dimension has a particular focus and theme. The third dimension is focused on duality and free will. Those souls who incarnate in the third dimension need this environment to further their soul development.

“This Is Why I Am Here”

The Arcturians
Anara WhiteBear

Each moment you have a desire: that which you want, that which you look forward to, or that which you say, “This is why I am here.” This desire is bigger than what you have understood. This is a soul-level understanding of who you are.

Open to the Consciousness of Heaven

The Holy Spirit of God
Rev. Daniel Neusom

Greetings! My light is on Earth as never before in this era of humanity’s journey into the wholeness of love. Thank you for allowing me to dwell with you and within you to give you life as you have never experienced it before in human form.

Sacred Feminism Is the Gateway to the Goddess

Kenneth Busby

In these most tumultuous times of rampant division and apparent chaos, it is of the utmost importance that we speak to you concerning the emergent Goddess insomuch as we might help to usher her arrival among you.


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