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Rebuild Duality through Cooperation

Rebuild Duality through Cooperation The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Mufa, speaking as the focus for the Council of Transition this day. We love you so dearly. You have lost the thought that you can be so dearly loved — held so strongly in the Creator’s love and light — that all that is to be balanced within you can find a swift and peaceful resolution. You now hold yourselves in our love, the love of the Creator.

Human awareness, as it is based in the duality process, seeks always to rebalance itself into a dual process in which light and less light-filled journeys balance one another in the lifetime. That time, that way of being, is now past. Holding on to it as you often choose to do, is a natural consequence of a lifetime spent in this form of thinking, the default setting of your life’s plan, as it has been.

Your challenge now is to step aside from it and move beyond it into a state of awareness where who you truly are can guide your process more overtly. Allow the gentleness within you to take precedence over the rebuttals born of fears from your past experiential processes.