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Calling in the Heart of Your Beloved

Calling in the Heart of Your Beloved Deirdre Hade

We all have the longing for a deeper experience of love. It is part of our human nature to desire to connect in a truly intimate way with another. Here are wise and heart-centered steps for developing intimacy in love.

It Is Time for Youto Know a Deeper Love

In the mystical tradition, deeper love is known as the beloved and the Beloved, a union between your soul and our Creator. The beloved is an energy of God that we all have the potential to experience and hold within us. With the right direction, your partner can carry the resonance of the beloved, and both of you can experience the profound union that you long for. In the Eastern tradition, this is known as the yogic path of tantra, but you can experience it without being a yogi by having a spiritual practice of yoking yourself to the divine light. This is the purpose of radiance journey meditations.

In a new relationship, you can foster the experience of your beloved. If you are in a long-term relationship, you can rekindle your love by calling the presence of the beloved to both you and your partner. If you don’t have a partner, there are spiritual practices you can use to call in the beloved while in meditation. The experience of the beloved is a mystical state of bliss and joy. The Kabbalah says that a soul mate exists for every person on Earth, but sometimes we don’t find each other because we can’t hear our soul mate calling us. Therefore, opening your spiritual eyes and ears is important to be ready to know when the energy of your soul mate is near. You want to be aware enough to recognize this presence of love.