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Submission Guidelines

Channeling, Articles, Poems, Features, Cover Art, Stories for Children, Peak Experiences, and Teachings from Many Focuses.

The following guidelines are meant as a tool for your use when preparing an article for submission to the SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE! Should you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call.

  1. New and simple ways of expressing new and old ideas.
  2. Personal experience that demonstrates universal laws in actions.
  3. Contains/conveys something that readers far away can utilize/ponder/realize on their own without seeking an appointment or buying a product from the author—what we call "giveaways."
    NOTE: Sell pieces, advertorials or press releases disguised as articles will not be accepted.
  4. Content must be non-fear based: Gives positive alternatives and solutions to situations.
  5. Content must be heart-centered: People are awakening and can feel the hard edge of material that is only mental.
  6. Content must be non-elementary: We exist for those who have already grasped the fundamental principles. Understanding is assumed and part of the matrix—out of which channeled material and articles emerge. We are open to particular principles being emphasized and presented in a new way.
  7. Submission of articles does not guarantee placement. Articles are accepted based on the above criteria as well as on a theme for the month (if there is one) and space availability.
  8. We reserve the right to edit according to the stylistic consistency of the Journal and our format standards.
  9. We welcome your input, but we are not responsible for unsolicited material. Authors/channels who call continuously to see if:
    1. we received their material,
    2. we read their material and/or
    3. we will use their material

    are understood and appreciated, but we are not set up to respond.

    1. If we have not published your material previously (or for quite some time), we will ask for a digital photo of you and the contact information you want printed with your article.
    2. We will send you a copy of the issue of the SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE! in which your material appears to the mailing address you provide.
  10. Send ALL submissions by e-mail to:

Thank you very much for thinking of the SEDONA Journal as a way to share your insights. Our purpose is to bring humanity these new teachings, new information and new ways of keeping sane, healthy and focused. We are literally changing our bodies, our brains, our history, our frequencies and our understanding of reality itself. We bless your desire to join us in our endeavor to make this a joyous adventure for all!