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The New Human Experience

The New Human Experience The Masters through Rebecca Dawson

You are everything. If you are everything, then you are also nothing. Therefore, we ask you: “Do you even exist?” You exist as a reference to other things perhaps. Who are you really? What are you really? Are you experience? Are you a projection? Are you real? Are you space? Are you no space? Are you pure potential? Are you potential that is waiting to happen or potential that has already happened?

When you look at yourselves as humans or as a species, in many ways you look at yourselves as something that is going to happen or something that has already happened, and everything between is your journey. The great spectrum of self-identification as a species runs from whether you are something that has happened already or something that is going to happen. Where are you in that?

You are happening. Humans relate to each other and relate themselves to their realities, to the world. You exist somewhere between “it happened” and “it will happen.” You want to get from the former to the latter or vice versa — that movement between yes and no and no and yes, between “not yet” and “completion” or between “completion” and “not yet.” But how can you have “completion” and “not yet” on the same spectrum? How can that be?