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The New Male Paradigm

The New Male Paradigm The group through Steve Rother

We join you this day to take you to the next level, because there is so much information being shared on planet Earth. It gets a little confusing from time to time, so first let us bring you greetings from Home. You all have a strong connection in your heart, energy, and the spirit that resides in your physical body. All of you are moving in a different direction now. As you move to this next level, let us explain a little about what is going on and what the next step can be for all humans.

You have a job right in front of you, and it’s absolutely magical. You must understand, dear ones, how difficult the times ahead may be for all humans. You’ve advanced at incredible rates. Just look at the world around you. Life is easier now than it was even ten years ago. You are rapidly advancing, so enjoy and celebrate that; work with it.

We have talked about balancing energy. What happens when something gets out of balance? There is a natural equalization that takes place. We’re going to discuss this now from a different perspective. We have talked for quite some time about the rise of the feminine on planet Earth. The feminine is taking on a completely new role. You will see it as it unfolds over the next three to four years. There will be pronounced feminine strength — not just energy, but strength.