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Live the Love of Your Whole Being

Live the Love of Your Whole Being Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, I witness how you are growing and coming into your precious gifts in the world. You are listening to the deep wisdom that is expanding inside of you because you understand who and what you are. You are allowing yourselves to manifest into your highest and most loving and abundant form.

I have always carried you close in my heart. I have never lost sight of you as you sought to become the best that you could be. When you have felt alone and afraid, I would not abandon you. You are my sacred and blessed children. I stand by you and with you in solidarity for your potential and well-being.

Notice how the magnificent clouds in the sky above you are floating and being blown around by the powerful wind. It is this wind that is the breath of life moving through the universe and moving through you. Whenever you feel as though you need support to make the next step, take in a deep, life-abiding breath that fills you with great joy and comfort.