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A Quest for Meaning

Donna Taylor

In astrology, Jupiter is regarded as the great benefic — the planet that brings us good things, protects us, nurtures our growth, and offers us opportunity. Among other things, he governs religion, adventure, philosophy, good fortune, abundance, optimism, and expansion.

Behave with Integrity

Michelle Karen

Uranus reenters Aries on November 6 and remains until March 7, 2019. This is the last visit of Uranus in Aries, which started in March 2011. Much has changed individually and collectively in that seven-year period. We aggressively shed many aspects of our realities that no longer served us.

Create a Solid Foundation for the Growth to Come

Divine Wisdom
Annie Botticelli

The year 2019 offers us radically expanded horizons, rapid and barely manageable growth, sweet success, sparkling luck, and ways to move and express beyond what our past and current limits have allowed and even possibly beyond our wildest dreams!

Greater Alignment with the Cosmic Flow Brings Harmony

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Venus retrograde (from October 5 through November 16) from Scorpio into Libra bodes a time of seeing through the fears, illusion, and delusion for the human kingdom with an opportunity to express fully the perfected vision of love, pure and true, with no attachments or limitations.

Expect a Major Unifying Event

Lynn Buess

This month encourages us to reflect on our planet, its place in the cosmos, the solar system events taking place, and the purpose and plan of our human existence on this third rock from the Sun.

Reconcile Your Actions with Your Values

Donna Taylor

There is a Venusian theme throughout October, so expect issues concerning love, relationships, money, and aesthetics to pop up. When Venus turns retrograde on October 5, all that she represents takes on a greater dimension.

Expect the Unexpected

Michelle Karen

Uranus remains retrograde this entire month. Its shadow period lasts until April 23, 2019.

Discover More Harmonious Directions

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

October is all about transformational heart energies. This is a time to take stock, go within, and discover your soul-heart’s truest desires.

Emotions Will Run High

Lynn Buess

The overall interaction of human, planetary, systemic, and galactic cycles and events will stir up highly volatile emotions among the masses. It is sort of like an outgoing tide that sweeps away debris and unstable and unattached materials.

Don’t Resist the Current of Life

Donna Taylor

It’s as though there are two separate realities running concurrently in March. Quantum physics tells us that there are myriad realities operating simultaneously.


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