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Benevolent Outcomes

Tom T. Moore

I immediately requested an MBO that I would get all the help I needed to move. In twenty minutes, every person or company I called immediately committed to the dates I needed. My sister was off from work and helped me pack.

The Secret Wisdom of Animals

Kim Malonie

A few weeks ago, my beloved cat of twelve years started exhibiting odd behaviors while in the house and outside. In the past two years, she has had three eye infections that I have treated diligently.

New Age Notes

Dyan Garris

Dave Luxton is the founder of Wayfarer Records, a successful record label based in the Pacific Northwest.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web

Maria Yracébûrû

February 1: Chajala, healing, blue lace agate — balanced feminine. The Sun rises in truth. Life is a celebration we choose. We acknowledge each passage as we turn Earth with our ceremonies of actualizing.

Dream Zone

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

My son-in-law who passed away suddenly in September came to me in a dream so vividly the other night. I could feel his arm around my shoulder and hear his voice and laugh so clearly. My daughter was so happy in that moment, but we knew he had passed.

Essences of Nature

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We spend much of our existence contemplating what we are doing, where we are going, and what is available for us. We believe we know what we want, but we wonder: Why can’t we get what we want the way we want it?

Akashic Answers

Amanda Romania

Welcome to Akashic Answers. This month, I will answer questions about the akashic records and the very beautiful Bali. When I reviewed my letters and emails, I saw that many souls had visited this sacred place or were having dreams about it.

The Crystal Garden

Margaret Ann Lembo

Water by nature is an integral part of life here on this planet. It cleanses and nourishes. Throughout history, water has been associated with spiritual cleansing and blessings.

The Secret Wisdom of Animals

Kim Malonie

When you give the gift of love, you could help more than one soul — the animal and yours — but the animal kingdom implores you: Please do not give an animal as a holiday or seasonal gift.

Akashic Answers

Amanda Romania

Welcome to 2024 and year 8 energy. In the akashic therapy I teach, I have discovered that every year carries a frequency that brings forward the life lessons we face on a collective level. Year 8 is all about karma, cause and effect, prosperity, and abundance.


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