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The Energy of the Divine Masculine

The Energy of the Divine Masculine Ethan Indigo Smith

Most people have never heard about the idea of the Divine Masculine, and most who have heard about the concept essentially have no idea what the Divine Masculine is. Many people can conceptualize the idea of toxic masculinity as opposed to divine masculinity, and most are against its perversions, but what direction do we take next?

I want to simplify, as much as possible, the concept of the Divine Masculine. To conceptualize divine masculinity, I began with contrasting the definitions of the energy of masculinity and femininity. I utilized the philosophy of the duality and polarity of the feminine and masculine energy to get to the basics. With this approach, the fundamentals of feminine and masculine divinity become clear and unhindered by national, traditional constructs.

The geometry of energy also assisted this energy construct to illustrate the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The energies demonstrated in figure 1 are related to the four dimensions of geometry, points, lines, planes, and solids. Points and lines are masculine, and planes and solids are feminine.