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Undercover UFO Encounter

Tom Dongo

I have now been in the UFO research business for almost thirty years. I have probably written over a million words on the subject to date, and one thing I have learned is that extraterrestrials (or aliens) love to play games or tricks on us humans.

The Christ Consciousness Crystalline Portal of Light

Terra Rae

Early on, while getting to know the Stellar Skulls, Crysta and I discovered that many have names from other universes. These are the original universes from before our space-time universe.

Dual Key Activations on 8 August 2015

Jill Harrison

On the eighth day of the eighth month at the hours of 8am and 8pm, there will be a specific spiritual dimensional shift in energies to bring in important changes and to ensure the divine plan for the continuance of the human race.

Manifest Your Completeness to Serve Others

Blue Turtle

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde: Beloved children of the Creator, you feel more confident in your gifts and venturing out into the world to support others in their deeds and efforts to bring about transformational change.

The Story Behind The Thangka

Tom Kenyon

This thangka (image 1) was commissioned by my wife, Judi Sion Kenyon, and me in 2006. Our intention in commissioning this unusual thangka was to depict the inherent balance that exists between the enlightened male and female aspects of consciousness.

Open Your Windows

The Divine
Sara Wiseman

We ask that you open your windows. By this, we mean that ask to receive universal information via direct connection and to begin the practice of direct connection.

Your Intuitive Power

The Z's
Lee Harris

You are very powerful intuitively. You are also afraid of the strength of your intuitive power. This fear is not surprising given that intuition is an agent of change.

A Calendar to Chart Your Consciousness Evolution

Pia Orleane

Hello, dear ones, we are Laarkmaa, a Pleiadian group comprised of six of one and one of six, acting as one unit of family. We are here because we love you. Pleiadians have long helped humanity on your path to evolution.

What I Discovered through the Creator’s Eyes

Barbara Marrianna Zimmerman

Years ago, I asked the divine Creator to assist me in seeing things through his eyes. Coupled with my research, I have discovered a better way to understand all things I encountered in this lifetime.

Conquer the Obstacles to Manifestation

Mona Khad

Many people believe and understand on a rational level that the ability to manifest reality is innate to all human beings; however, they are unable to manifest the lives they desire. Why does this happen? Belief and understanding are necessary but insufficient elements for manifestation.


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