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Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels is an author, channel, spiritual advisor, motivational speaker, and instructor of metaphysics. He is on a lifelong path of service with over thirty years of experience in ministry, energy work, writing, and teaching. Jeff's commitment is to guide others to follow their personal paths to their highest potentials.

By this Author

Time and Change - November 2011
Essence and Existence - October 2011
The Wave of Creation - September 2011
A Magical Universe - August 2011
Sense and Spirit - March 2011
Balancing Earth's Energies - February 2011
The Power of Dreaming - January 2011
Return to the Light - December 2010
The Wash of Love - November 2010
What Will You Fear? - October 2010
Strategy to Improve the Now - September 2010
The Nearness of Heaven - August 2010