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The True You

The True You Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In the near future, important questions will arise for both those existing on the planet and those in a slightly higher realm. Your personal answers will assist in determining the course of the next generations. We have often said that you are beings who possess the ability to manifest for yourselves. Many of you do this daily on a personal level. But what you and the coming generations are now being asked to do is to manifest on a global scale. This may seem daunting. It may feel impossible, but we assure you that the task is being approached and supported in ways that you cannot yet comprehend. You are not alone!

Who are you at your core? Who are you at the deepest level of your karmic entity? Who would you be if there were no other influences pressing against you? What would you think and feel? What would your strongest desires be? These questions are not simply difficult and thought provoking; they are tricky. It is difficult for you to answer them because you are already influenced by your experiences upon the planet. You are already formed and shaped in ways that have taken your original karmic energies and redirected them.

To answer these questions, you must be willing to release all the notions you may have—not just about who you are, but also about what you believe. True spiritual seekers will have no fear in this regard. They are not attached to a belief system and will be open to a course correction. There are those who will seek to defend the position they hold. These are not the ones who will be cocreating the future. How can they be when they are entrenched in the past?