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Time and Change

Time and Change Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. How old are you? How old do you feel? How old is humanity? Do you feel like you belong here now? Do other times beckon you? Do you feel that the present day is somehow wrong or extremely imbalanced? Asking these types of questions can lead to an alteration in your perception of the course of history.

In recorded history, we see times of great change. Many study these moments and devote much time to seeking an understanding of the changes that occurred. Some explore the idea of, "What if?" They ponder the implications of cer- tain events having different outcomes. What would life be like today if there had been no wars during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries? What would the world know today if nations chose to integrate with other cultures rather than quell native civilizations in colonial movements? We tell you now that a time of unprecedented change has already begun. Will the world choose a different way to express energy than in the past? Much depends on you.

The Tightening Coils of Time

The course of all forms of energy proceeds in waves and cur- rents. The course of life in all forms proceeds in the same way. We see in history the peaks and troughs of these waves of energy. What you do not clearly see is the way the energy is expressed in a higher vibrational existence. As waves of change occur, great pressure is placed in the realm of gravity, affecting time itself.