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The Lost Abilities of the Family Human Begin to Return

The Lost Abilities of the Family Human Begin to Return Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In your world today, you are experiencing a powerful wave of change. This is not always a gentle wave. Much is being washed away. For some, this is a difficult time. They perceive that many things of value are being eroded away. They envision the past as something that needs to be preserved. This perception is far from the truth.

The past is a long stream of energy. What is seen is not the larger picture. It is a limited view that often does not even agree with itself. The wave that is washing away the present ideologies is revealing powerful ancient ways that the family human has forgotten. Clinging to the recent past is not a solid foundation of safety. Those who do so are at risk of being washed away.

Shift away from the Energy of the Past

Recent changes in policies around the planet give great indication that humanity is rising to what may appear to be a new level. We tell you now that you have been here before, and from the perspective of the spiritual realm, it is an exciting moment. We have long said that yin energy is rising. Witness now the strength of this rebalancing. Beyond this, imagine the next level.