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A Great Creation Beginning

A Great Creation Beginning Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. These times have often been referred to as “end times,” and this is not necessarily a mistaken view, but these times are not the end of all things. There is a fear-based belief that speaks of great destruction, but we tell you now that there is to be a great creation. It is something that has begun, and you are now called to participate in this creation more fully.

Many of you have a clear vision that the societies within which the family human has existed for the last three hundred years are dissolving. What once worked for humanity cannot support the new beings now arriving upon Earth. The strong energetic life being born today and throughout the next century is pressing old ways off balance and out of the way. This, then, is an era that may be uncomfortable for many who cling to old ways. Spiritually minded beings will recognize and embrace the new paths of life.

For some time now, we have explained that a stillness has existed in this portion of the universe. A low tide of energy has left many projects and plans without the momentum to find fruition or completion. Many have felt that there is a general lack of energy in relation to life itself. We tell you now, however, that life has begun to move forward—and it soon will be a swiftly moving wave! There are a great many concepts that belong exclusively to the past. These ideas and philosophies are being shaken at their root systems. The very foundations of long-entrenched institutions are cracked and crumbling, and yet they are massive and in some cases quite ancient and thus difficult to remove. Many seek to shore up the old walls, looking backward to the past. It is not inappropriate to retain lessons learned from the past, but it makes no sense to retain the structures that caused those lessons to be necessary. Let us all move forward. There are new lessons available that are more beneficial and rewarding.