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Beginning a New Age of Balance

Beginning a New Age of Balance Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We bring you a larger message. And in this, we also bring a stronger message. It is not meant to cause fear or conflict. We bring a perspective from a higher vibration. We offer you a greater picture of the history of the planet and the family human.

We exist in the realm of spirit while you exist in the realm of gravity. This does not make your existence less worthy. Ultimately, we are you and you are us. The future for us all will be written based on the understanding of the present moment. Lessons from the past will assist in a clear perception of the present. Clarity of vision is vital. It is the future that you create now.

A Galactic Rebalancing of Energy

For centuries there has been a strong attempt by many members of the family human to gain and acquire physical matter in the form of money, possessions, and even the unusual concept of ownership of sections of the planet. All of these are areas where many members of the family human have placed their energy and focus.