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Essence and Existence

Essence and Existence Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Many feel that human existence is in a precarious position. It is common for the media to discuss and speculate on the large-scale nature of destruction of life on the planet. This creates an atmosphere of fear. It is true that life is in a reduced state in the current day. It is not true that you need to embrace the weakening force of fear.

Many are concerned about their ability to survive coming changes. Some seek a fantasy in which they will not be required to be present while changes on the planet take place. Some simply occupy themselves with distractions that lead nowhere. We have said before and now say again that this is a time for all beings to be aware. This is especially true when we speak to spiritually minded ones.

The True Point of a Balanced Existence

A concern for your continued existence is inherent in your vital force. You cannot deny the drive to live and grow. This is not wrong to consider, but to consider only the physical level of existence is to deny the underlying power that causes you to exist in the first place.