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Clarifying Your Choices and Following Your Own Path

Clarifying Your Choices and Following Your Own Path Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In the community of spiritually minded beings on Earth today, there is often a seeking for guidance. Many look outside themselves for answers to questions and problems that may arise in their lives. Often they look to those in the spirit realm for guidance. We gladly give such information when needed.

The time has come for those on the planet to act in a more self–sufficient manner. Many of you are capable of discerning the most energetically advantageous path for yourselves without looking to your spirit guides. This does not mean we are not here for you — only that you can be more independent in your lives. The ability to make your own choices is a sign of spiritual maturity and strength.

Likewise, there is a need for the members of the family human to make strong social and intellectual choices. We in the realm of spirit do not often take part in these matters. There are currently many questions being raised during your communications between the physical and spiritual realms. Many are looking for an absolute answer, a very specific line of action that will be the most optimal path to a peaceful, prosperous future. We offer this guidance to you now with the understanding that many of you are already aware of these concepts. Take these words as reminders.