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Balancing the Yin and Yang Energies of Earth

Balancing the Yin and Yang Energies of Earth Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Many of you see Earth in very different terms than the current leadership of your societies does. Many of you witnessing these words see humanity in very different ways than those same societies. You are often troubled by what might appear to be indifference to the plight of many members of the family human and also to those other beings you recognize as valuable to the planet.

Life today is unbalanced in many ways. It is thus difficult to conduct your own life in a spiritual way and also successfully navigate the day-to-day physical functions necessary to create a home and haven for yourself and your family. Balance is hard to achieve. That is a truth. Balance is not impossible to achieve. That also is a truth, but one that indicates action is required on behalf of the individual, yourself. There is a greater balance waiting to be achieved and this requires your attention now. We often say: Balance yourself. That is a key teaching in all true spiritual instruction. Now we direct your attention outward to give you a certain perspective.

Choose to Accept and Activate Your Own Personal Energies

Spirituality is ultimately acceptance and activation of your own personal energies. There is a point where the individual, the undivided one, makes a choice to act in a balanced way. This is the beginning of a spiritual path. For many, there then comes a time when they simply act in a balanced way without needing to question or choose a course. This is true spiritual living. It is a difficult thing to do on an individual basis while on the planet at this point in time. Earth is not currently a well-balanced place. You can assist in the balancing of energies of the planet.