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Strong Action for Future Harmony

Strong Action for Future Harmony Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We have said that a new way of life is approaching. We have said that the future holds a highervibrational form of living. We tell you now that this process has begun. Many of the old blocks of energy are being transformed into new paths of motion. The low tide of energy that we have existed in for over a decade is now beginning to rise. Already many of you sense this shift. You feel the release of energy back into your lives. You are witnessing motion in areas of your lives that you thought were solid and stuck.

This motion is just a small indication of the wave of change that we will all experience in the coming decades. It is time now for all who are striving for spiritual awareness to engage your senses fully. Look intently at the approaching days and the choices you are making. Step into the beings you wish to become with strong intention and firm image. Create a meaning to existence that is dramatically different from the strife and fear that has been fostered in the past several thousand years.

The present moment is the time for all beings to act in accord with their deepest desires for peace. Those alive on the planet today are setting a unique course for future generations to have a deeper and fuller life of great meaning. Life has meaning but only the meaning you create within your own.