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A Magical Universe

A Magical Universe Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We speak to you on the matter of physical needs. We will first offer reminders of how to create. Secondly, we will give insight into the near future and how you can prepare not only yourself but also affect the entire world in beneficial ways during the coming changes to the planet.

There is a type of magic in this universe. Things that you cannot comprehend by way of physical laws are viewed in this way. From a perspective based in earthly perception or a trained reality, such events may seem inexplicably miraculous or magical. They are natural occurrences nonetheless.

To achieve a magical result, it is often a matter of giving space to allow for a specific desire to manifest. If you hold too tightly to the potential reality of a physical happening, there will be a great deal of gravity attached to the outcome. Gravity slows down that which is of a higher vibration.