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Your Family of Guides

Your Family of Guides Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We are Onereon. We are a group of spiritual beings dedicated to ensuring that all beings on the planet receive the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest and expand their karmic path. We are a specific family and possess this specific purpose. Perhaps you are a member of this family. Perhaps your purpose is more closely associated with another group. We now seek to help you improve your communication with those of your own spiritual family.

There are many family groups on the planet today. In a greater sense, you are related to all beings through DNA. Beyond Earth, there are also families and groups of beings to which you are related. Understand that there is a higher level to DNA, a sort of energetic genetics. There are many purposes at this higher level of existence, and our paths are more specific than were made clear while we were alive upon the planet.

Maintaining Clearer Communication with Your Spiritual Guides

You may already be aware that you possess a close vibration with some spiritual beings. In this, you may wish for a clearer communication as to your purpose or path while you are incarnate upon the Earth. For many, it is difficult to receive communication from the realm of spirit at all.