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Walking between the Ages

Walking between the Ages Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. It is said that those now alive are the beings who walk between ages. That is a true statement, and those beings are you! What, then, is the new age that is arriving? How does this differ with what came before? Why is there a demarcation from one time period to another?

We will tell you of things future and past. The current energies you are experiencing now, the energies that are troubling to many people, are separating what was and what will be. The world society is in a deep stage of uncertainty. There is less to cling to in the present day than ever before. If you feel adrift, you are clear in your perception, but this is not a time to feel dismay. It is a time to seek the new currents. Do not try to regain old banks. They have washed away. Seek new shores. From the level of perception of the physical realm, they may appear distant. But from the higher perspective of the spiritual realm, we can assure you, these new shores are closer than you presently imagine. Expand your imaginative powers now. There is much creative energy adrift with you!

Where We Are

We have now reached the end of false markers. We have passed artificial dates and boundaries that were used by some to create fear. It is true that some markers were important and real, but the ideas of calamitous endings and destructive judgments no longer have any points of time to cling to or get caught on. You are now free from ancient prophecies that were, at best, misunderstood by the masses.