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Practicing the Flow

Rhonda Smith

February 2013 (26/8): This month is full of easy-flowing external energies for you to experience. Take responsibility for your own power and authority while you learn that the flow of giving and receiving is the basis of any unification.

A Theme of Love, Peace, and Compassion

Donna Taylor

Peace of mind arrives when no matter what challenges or turmoil we may be faced with, we trust that all will be well and that we will be provided for. Faith in a higher power to take care of us when we are feeling fragile will grant us this state of inner peace.

Getting to the Depths of Our Truth

Michelle Karen

This month starts with Mercury's retrogration at 17°26´ Pisces until it turns direct on March 17 at 1:41am at 5°40´ Pisces. Its shadow period — the time it takes for Mercury to return to the exact degree it started its retrogration on — continues until April 6. Past and present could overlap.

Being the Pioneer of Your Life

Rhonda Smith

April 2013 (28/10/13): You now begin three months of harvesting the seeds you have planted. The law of justice is the key this month. Success will come if you accept the responsibility of leadership in your own life, not anyone else's.

Justice and Wisdom for Peace

Rhonda Smith

March 2013 (27/9): March marks the end of the three-month cycle of growing the seeds you clarified and planted between October and December of last year. This vibration marks the end and beginning of the growth cycle and the harvest.

Whistle While You Work

Donna Taylor

Hang on to your hats folks, for April looks set to be an exciting month with a very dynamic energy. First off, we have a cluster of planets in Aries with the Sun very close to Uranus, Venus, and Mars, squared by the Moon and Pluto.

Transforming Our Luminous Future

Michelle Karen

The first of three eclipses happens on Thursday, April 25 at 12:57pm at 5°46´ Scorpio. This degree is represented in the Sabian symbols by the following image: "A gold rush tears men away from their native soil." Usually, eclipses come in twos, not in threes.

Experience Your Mastery

Rhonda Smith

May 2013 (29/11/2) is a month of being the spiritual light messenger and teacher that you are. There will be an underlying focus and intensity for the entire month that will assist you to help uplift humankind.

Be Your Own Light

Donna Taylor

How many of us are guilty of putting off our dreams? How many of us think, "One day ..." instead of, "Today is the day I will start to take a step toward my miracle"? It's easy to understand why this happens.

It's Time to Expand Our Horizons

Michelle Karen

The last two of the three eclipses that began on April 25 will happen on Thursday, May 9 in Taurus (19°31´) and Friday, May 24 in Sagittarius (4°08´). Eclipses always mark intense times of transition to a new order. They are points of no return that force us to look forward and upward.


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