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Remain Positive about Current Events

Remain Positive about Current Events Gaia and Theo through Tom T. Moore

Here are some predictions given to me by Gaia and my guardian angel, Theo, as a follow-up to those in the January issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. These questions were sent to me from all over the world and are on a wide variety of subjects.

Tom: What is the probability that in the next six years, a private space company such as SpaceX will land on Mars before NASA does?

Theo: There is a very small probability that this will occur. Go with the twenty-five-year estimate that was quoted in the past. These private space companies have not sent their own Mars rovers and such instruments there yet. They have to be able to fly several people to Mars, and then landings and takeoffs have to be accomplished. They have to factor in the length of the voyage and the amount of supplies that must be taken. Brash claims of being able to safely travel to and from Mars are just public relations to manipulate the stock. These are, after all, businesspeople.