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Upheaval Prompts Self-Reflection

Upheaval Prompts Self-Reflection Lynn Buess

The change of government in Japan will have repercussions in many nations. Sex scandals beyond the usual politician-and-mistress kind will continue to unfold as public reaction grows in revulsion at how deeply embedded they are in global and national institutions and governments. Expect the full-length, unedited Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination to come under renewed scrutiny. Chaos in the streets comes closer to home and is more frequent as Europeanesque issues cross the big pond.

The stock market, currency, and real-estate markets are on the verge of or enter another downturn that can be severe unless new policies are introduced. Can Donald Trump pull off policy changes to bring greater stability, or will the old controllers sabotage him? Resistance to the Trump administration continues, especially from women. The list of multiple names of new potential candidates grows for 2020. Did I say Oprah? Will the time-traveling candidate run once again?