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Break Free

Break Free Donna Taylor

We live in a world in which our freedoms are gradually eroding not only obviously through increasing laws and restrictions but also through surreptitious efforts that strip away our rights to be ourselves. For example, when I dropped my son off at school recently, I noticed that the children were no longer playing in the playground ten minutes before the bell rang and were filing into school, leaving the playground silent and empty. “When did that happen?” I wondered. Driving home, I noticed the number of 20 mph speed-limit signs had increased, and there were more speed cameras. Later, I read in the paper that a teacher had lost her job for giving a child a hug. It seems that we are no longer allowed to be ourselves.

While I’m under no illusion that sanity will return anytime soon, I know September encourages the tendency toward feisty rebellion, which can be a good thing. People are more likely to question the rules, stand up to authority, and resist a one-size-fits-all approach to life. This is when the oppressed worker, after being spoken to unpleasantly by the boss, decides he or she has had enough and gives notice, if there’s any notice to give!

Throughout September, Mars is square Uranus, so we would be wise not to fix things if they “ain’t broke,” and we might feel pushed to rebel against anything that restricts us or thwarts our individuality. It can be difficult to know which is the right response, but if you feel restless, wired, bored, irritable, or frustrated, your soul might be calling for change. If you notice your driving is uncharacteristically erratic or impulsive, the same might apply. Or if you have a dispute with authority figures, you can be sure that something within you seeks change.