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There Is None More Deserving<

There Is None More Deserving< Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

September’s Star of David energies require balance and harmony between emotional expression and the 3D world surrounding all living beings. There will be powerful responses from Earth, elementals, and devas to emotional expressions, whether love or fear. Wisdom expressed through thought, word, or action is necessary; otherwise, beings in other kingdoms might respond to members of the human kingdom based on what is projected into the world.

Movements in the life force energies will be immediate, responding to what each emanates. Awareness of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, however fleeting, will send ripples throughout the cosmos, attracting and empowering that which is given energy consciously and unconsciously.

The forces of all creation — yin and yang — will seek internal sacred balance and harmony in all humans as well as in their reflections in the world. Speedy transformation, expansion, and movement are possible if you avoid becoming bogged down in the 3D muck being slung by those who desire to divert attention from themselves. Keep in mind that when you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you. Awareness, objectivity, observation, and flexibility will go a long way in facilitating a smooth transition through these rapidly shifting mind games being played out in 3D.