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Prepare for Breakthroughs or Breakdowns

Prepare for Breakthroughs or Breakdowns Lynn Buess

This is a critical month for the United States and the planet as to humanity’s relationship to truth and the willingness to detach from the illusion of duality and the third-dimensional matrix. These times could prove to be far more critical than the sidetracked, sedated, and sleeping public will ever know.

There is a high probability for a turning point event that will help define the direction the planet is headed in terms of consciousness. There could be a critical stirring of realization that reaches the masses, or there could be another controlled event similar to the destruction of the buildings in New York on 9/11/2001. A key date to watch will be September 13, 2018. If some kind of tangible public distraction event is triggered, this numerological date stands out as significant.