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New Ideas Renew Your Beliefs

New Ideas Renew Your Beliefs Michelle Karen

Mercury turns direct on May 3 at 24º17’ Aries. Its shadow period remains until May 21. The Sabian symbols describe this degree as “a double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings.” Right now, nothing is as it seems. The pace is accelerating. To remain balanced, it is essential that we be aware of the whole picture at all times without falling prey to the ups and downs and shifts and turns that occur at a furious rhythm. As we stay grounded in our integrity and listen to our inner voices, the truth unfolds, allowing us to discern what is from what is not.

Jupiter remains retrograde this whole month until June 9. Its shadow period lasts until September 6. The degrees (15º24’–13º20’ Libra) traveled this month are described by the Sabian symbols as “after a storm, a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction” and “in the heat of the noon, a man takes a siesta.” Despite the pressure to keep moving forward, it is important that we take a step back and allow ourselves time to replenish, regenerate, and honor our physical needs. Sleeping enough, drinking plenty of pure water, enjoying time alone, and paying attention to our dreams are all necessary for us to remain stable in the eye of the storm. What do we truly believe in? What ideals do we pursue? What visions do we have? How deeply do we honor our integrity?

Saturn remains retrograde this whole month in Sagittarius until August 25. Its shadow period remains until December 1. The degrees it travels this month (27º17’–25º35’ Sagittarius) are described in the Sabian symbols as “an old bridge over a beautiful stream in constant use,” “the sculptor’s vision is taking form,” and “a flag bearer in a battle.” We are being tested in our maturity, our resolve (no matter what obstacles we encounter), our persistence (despite challenges), our inner strength, and our personal authority. Difficulties force us to restructure our understanding of reality by finding new solutions to the problems at hand. We are asked to review our personal relationships, tap into our inner talents and resources, and redefine our goals.