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The Breath of Time

mar de luz

The desert will bloom and bloom hard this year and continue to stir and grow," she said. "Your children will usher in a new generation of peace and wonder. Stay tuned and stay awake—it's going to take all you've got just to hang on.

Increased Intuition Brings Creative Changes in March

Stephanie Clement

When planets conjunct fixed stars, messages of certain types are facilitated. We may channel information that suits our bodies or minds in specific ways. This month we have several prominent conjunctions to fixed stars for our consideration.

Understanding the Zodiac Can Improve Your Business

Judy Smith

Astrology is invaluable in all aspects of life—from predicting earthquakes to business management. A calendar was designed to identify the basic cycles of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. The calendar was divided into twelve months based on the Moon's twelve cycles during a year.

Responsibility Brings Abundance

Rhonda Smith

April 2011 (26/8), will be a month of benevolent energies that bring abundance as long as you take responsibility to use them to serve humankind. Remember, you're part of humanity, and it works this way: You keep what you need and pass on the rest.

Thirteen Signs of The Zodiac? Not!

Stephanie Clement

Imagine for a moment that we had the Sun signs all wrong. Imagine that you were actually the sign that comes before the one you have had all this time, or that—magically—there is a thirteenth sign to choose from. How much fun would that be? Tired of being a timid Pisces?

Upcoming Eclipses Bring Clarity

Michelle Karén

We heal when we stop judging others and ourselves and start forgiving. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

In the Essence of The Fifth Stage

Stephanie Clement

Are you looking for an astrological four-leaf clover? Well, we get one in the form of two symmetrical and powerful patterns that fill the heavens on May 9, 2011. Both patterns revolve around the Moon's north node.

Setting Free Our Talents and Creative Energy

Stephanie Clement

One of the hardest things about astrology is to get the bits and pieces of the puzzle to fit together. One approach is to identify patterns of aspects, or relationships, among planets. This month the patterns are precise—something that doesn't always happen.

Assisting Others to Mastery

Rhonda Smith

July 2011 (29/11), will increase the intensity because it is another 11. This is the last quarter of the numerological year, the time to use your harvest and distribute what you've learned. You are to be the spiritual messenger and teacher who has come to assist humankind.

Confront Your Darkness and Allow Your Talents to Shine

Michelle Karén

Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, August 2 at 8:50p m at 1°12' Virgo until Friday, August 26 at 3:03p m at 18°45' Leo.


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