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We Have Reached the Point of No Return

Donna Taylor

The first half of November looks set to be intense as a group of planets aligns in Scorpio while Mars and Pluto join forces in Capricorn.

Push Your Limits for Glorious Results

Michelle Karen

Jupiter turns retrograde on December 8 at 12:41pm and remains so until April 8, 2015.

Recalibrate to Improve Communication

Michelle Karen

Mercury turns retrograde on January 21 until February 11 (17?02��1?19� Aquarius). Its shadow period will last until March 4 when Mercury will return to the same degree it started its retrogradation on.

Empowerment and Partnership

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Throughout all of 2015, Cupido conjuncts the galactic center, empowering the energies of the super-Venus expansive love expressed in connection, cooperation, and communication with all living beings.

A Year to Balance Your Flow of Life

Rhonda Smith

You have spent a year deciding who you are and who you want to be. Now it's time to manifest that in the physical world. You do it by finding the balance point between giving and receiving — the flow of life energies — and staying there.

Put in the Work to See Your Dreams Come True

Donna Taylor

The big news this month is that Saturn changes signs. This only happens once every two and half years, so it's a rather important time in the astrological calendar.

Wealth, Success, and Power Are All Possibilities in 2015

Donna Taylor

As we move into 2015, there appears to be a growing sense of confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty about what lies ahead for humanity. That's probably because we are at a tipping point where our future could go either way: toward destruction or toward profound change and transformation.

The Natural Voice

Marty Dixon

Fields of children running wild

In the sun.

Like a forest is your child, growing wild

In the sun.

Doomed in his innocence

In the sun …

Tell them it's not too late.

Harmonize in Balanced Reciprocity

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The last day of November begins the Sun's passage through the hidden thirteenth astrological sign, Ophiuchus, continuing until December 17, 2014. This is a time of facing and overcoming one's fears in order to own one's own personal power, expressing it with wisdom for all beings.

Let Balanced Reciprocity Flow

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Your month of February 2015 opens with intense emotional energies seeking to let go of limiting past patterns of action, belief, and dogma. The desire is strong to cross the bridge over the abyss of fear into a present that is ever creating the envisioned future.


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