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Inspired Guidance

The Only Way Out Is Through

The Star Elders
Aluna Joy

The Star Elders are saying that by midyear (June) we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel; thus beginning a shift to the stalled/disconnected energy that we have been feeling. There was a slight glimmer of a breakthrough on the new moon in April.

Under the Radar: A Conversation with Filmmaker Jody McNicholas

Jody McNicholas

The term “transformational media” has become a buzz word among entertainment circles in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Ten Quick Tips for Holistic Healing at Home

Holly Reese

Reduce toxic exposure: Go through your cleaning supplies, body products, and cosmetics and replace all the toxic chemicals with natural products. Reducing your exposure to environmental toxins is a huge step in the right direction.

There’s No Place for Ego in Healing

Jeff Donovan

People often come to me and ask me to ease their pain, heal their ailments, fix their finances, or cure their addictions because I am a Reiki master. I hate to tell you this but that isn’t how it works! A healer doesn’t actually provide the healing but the pathway for the healing to take place.

Excerpt: The Synchronicity Key

David Wilcock

So what, exactly, is synchronicity? The term “synchronicity,” as it applies to psychology, was coined by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920s.85 [Editor’s Note: Superscripted numbers refer to endnotes found in the full text.

Humanity’s Awakening in the Cycle of Uranus Square Pluto

Govinda Miller

The Uranus square Pluto aspect is the primary energy that represents the profound, radical upsets happening in our world today. This profound alignment is at its peak intensity now through November 2013.

The Secret Life of Walk-Ins

Scott Blum

One of the first concepts one must accept on faith when embarking on a spiritual path is that of a soul being separate and distinct from the physical body that contains it.

Plug In, Listen, and Remain Connected

Her Angels
Kerry Hettleman

It began in childhood, with Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder and gently whispering into your ear. Then it transitioned into adulthood as you received directly from your God within. There is and always has been divine guidance available to you throughout your life. Are you listening?

The Seeds of 2013 Are Sprouting

Nina Brown

The months of 2013 have been fascinating for many people across the planet. Discord, disruption, uncertainty, and new directions all swirled around as the old energy was being replaced by new energy.

Transiting into the Golden Age of Oneness

Seven Arrows

The long age of individuality is coming to a close. The ages roll. The long-awaited age of feeling/being one is upon us. As we let the false structures, both within and without, topple where they may, we know they have seen their day.


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