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There’s No Place for Ego in Healing

There’s No Place for Ego in Healing Jeff Donovan

People often come to me and ask me to ease their pain, heal their ailments, fix their finances, or cure their addictions because I am a Reiki master. I hate to tell you this but that isn’t how it works! A healer doesn’t actually provide the healing but the pathway for the healing to take place. It doesn’t matter what kind of healing you’re talking about; the concept is the same. If you break your arm and a doctor sets your injury, you aren’t healed, are you? Of course you aren’t, but he certainly did lay the foundation for the healing to occur. The same can be said about energy healers.

The body is a perfect machine designed to heal itself. It is sustained imbalances in the energy field that cause illness and dis-ease. An energy healer is nothing more than a channel or facilitator who helps bring the energy field back into balance so the body can heal itself. I don’t need to know what is wrong with my client to deliver an effective healing. I am, after all, not the healer. I am merely a vessel for healing.

Teaching people to get out of the way and drop their attachments to the outcome of a healing is, for me, the hardest part of teaching Reiki. I can teach anyone how to do a healing; I cannot, however, teach someone to drop his or her ego. That is a journey each person, healer or not, must take for his or her self. And that is really what we are talking about when we are trying to direct a healing: ego. We essentially are assuming we know better than God, Spirit, Source, the universe, or whatever you want to call it when we try to direct the healing.