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Transiting into the Golden Age of Oneness

Transiting into the Golden Age of Oneness Seven Arrows

The long age of individuality is coming to a close. The ages roll. The long-awaited age of feeling/being one is upon us. As we let the false structures, both within and without, topple where they may, we know they have seen their day. Prayers for better times have gone heavenward for many centuries, and changes are now happening. But before new and better ways can be born, the old ways must fall by the wayside to be no more. They were illusionary ways to live.

We have lived in the illusion that we were separate from each other, which came about as we fell in consciousness from our high state of oneness. This fall into darkness eliminated our ability to see by the light that allows us to see everyone as our own self. Thus, with our conscious thinking mind, we created illusions upon illusions about how to live life. Today we dispel those illusions as we question and observe our own thought processes, which is not a particularly easy task. Our cherished ideas, perceptions, and opinions must be seen for what they are: our own illusionary creations that are not in league with our higher selves' knowing. In truth, we have to let go of the thinking mind as our leader so that we can be in synchronicity with our hearts, which is the true way to live. In so doing, we live in the beauty of our heavenly inner life.

The transition into the new age of enlightenment is one of joy, understanding, and letting Spirit unfold our total welfare. Letting go of all dependencies on the reasoning mind and completely relying on Spirit in these changing times is the only way to be. This allows our divine nature to unfold from within, giving us ever-new insights into reality. Love — the moving, motivating energy and synchronous thinking with Spirit — provides us with all our needs.