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The Seeds of 2013 Are Sprouting

The Seeds of 2013 Are Sprouting Nina Brown

The months of 2013 have been fascinating for many people across the planet. Discord, disruption, uncertainty, and new directions all swirled around as the old energy was being replaced by new energy. Many of us actually spent time in "the void" as we discarded, with appreciation and gratitude, old belief systems and began dreaming of new ways of knowing and being.

The Quest for the New Normal

The macro reflected the micro as systems were disrupted, countries erupted, and the deeply entrenched religious hierarchy and dogma eroded when the pope resigned. In short, in 2013, the world order was scrutinized. As the once-firm foundation of the third dimension crumbled, many tried to hold on to the old while simultaneously learning how to navigate the ripples of the starry water that took its place.

As we moved through each day of the year, experimenting to find a new balance on a quest for the "new normal," we began dreaming. The work of the old paradigm was complete: The grids had been repaired; the crystals had been ignited. We had time to imagine. "How do we choose to manifest the New Earth?" we asked ourselves. "What would it feel like? What would it look like? How will it be?"