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Inspired Guidance

Truth in the Classroom for and from Students

Dave Casdan

Imagine a world where the school bullies see their illusions, transform the darkness inside of themselves, and find true respect and care for the ones they once bullied.

The Lost Wisdom of God

Virginia Ellen

Scientists, scholars, historians, and theologians have been looking for the lost wisdom of God. They have been looking in ancient ruins and temples, in the pyramids, and in the lost gospels. The last place anyone has ever looked is within the human self.

Clarity and Cleansing

Krsanna Duran

Continued high streams of galactic radiation make an excellent year for transitioning into greater mental clarity and DNA potentials in 2014. These go hand-in-hand with magnetic north's movement toward Siberia.

Unearth Heart Intelligence in Your Life

Amanda Hessel

The intelligence of the heart has been scarcely expressed in our world. There have been a number of great models who have lived this intelligence for us on Earth.

The Urgency of Responsibility

Tuesday May Thomas

Author's Note: The use of the title of this article has been granted by my dear friend, the Irish mystic healer Aoibhinn Murray.

Seven Steps to Heal Your Back Pain

Steve Ozanich

I was in pain for twenty-seven years until I discovered that my pain wasn't coming from my body's structure. Since then, I've been helping thousands of people become pain-free by teaching them how pain comes from tension — not a failing body.

Was the Sun Responsible?

Nina Brown

As I write this article, the House and the Senate allowed the United States government to shut down. How could this possibly happen? My creative answer is that the Sun did it.

Going into Your Heart Can Change Anything

Amy Morris

He describes himself as a spiritual scientist, and others claim he is a fraud. But many heed his messages and teachings through his five books, workshops, videos, and interviews.

Understanding the Difference between the Dimensions

Virginia Ellen

The rules of the third dimension are rigid, unwavering, and unforgiving. They are limited, and they limit our freedom and joy. The third dimension is a place of being stuck in reactions with old patterns and emotions. The energy is stagnant, and we live in our heads.

The Light Way to Relationships

Stefanie Miller

Relationships are the core of what keeps us interconnected. This past year has challenged us to delve deeply and be mindful of our relationships. As we have given our souls permission to grow and evolve, the universe has prompted us to align our inner light with our outer world.


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