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Inspired Guidance

The Lost Science of Prayer

the Radiant one
Virginia Ellen

When Jesus became part of my daily life, he taught me a new form of prayer: sacred heart yoga. Jesus called this new form of prayer sacred heart prayer. I began to feel the radiance of a living, pulsating energy within my cells.

Spoon Bending: Evidence That Matter Is Not Solid

Pamala Oslie

Science has discovered that at the quantum level (the smallest level), everything is made of energy, that our thoughts affect matter and consciousness creates our reality.

Discovering Invisible Dimensions in Art

Jacqueline Ripstein

Throughout history, art has had great power to influence. Colors alone have been an expression and silent language of life, people, nature, and culture. Every idea and sensation possesses a color; colors are thoughts!

Pope Francis Reminds Us of Saint Francis and the Heart of Spirituality

Bruce Davis

It seems a day does not pass by when there is not a new quote or an act of humility from Pope Francis.

Shamanic Wisdom: Divining Your Future

Jan Engels-Smith

A shaman conceptualizes and relates to life from a perspective that is different from ordinary reality. The shaman sees life in all things — even those things we consider inanimate — and perceives that all things are closely interrelated and interdependent.

Children and Boundaries

Tony Samara

The question is: How to deal with children in regard to boundaries. The first step is to realize that there are no boundaries. The ideal boundary is one that you inherit from your experience of life, from what it means to grow up as a child and then have that as an experience of boundaries.

Living Alphabet: The Mystical Lamp

Angeline Welk

"The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light" (Matthew 6:22, ESV).

Do Your Spiritual Cleaning

Jill Angelo

Ten things you can to do to invite transformation and new energy into your home:

Essences of Nature: Who Said?

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Who said we weren't smart enough? Who said we weren't good enough? Who said we weren't young, old, skinny, fat, talented, or creative enough? Who said our window of opportunity has closed?

Eknath Easwaran: Inter-Religious Mystic

Victor Parachin

The great mystics go through life without fuss and frenzy as if they had all the time in the world, and their lives seem so much richer than ours that we have to stop and wonder why.

ラ Eknath Easwaran


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