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Under the Radar: A Conversation with Filmmaker Jody McNicholas

Under the Radar: A Conversation with Filmmaker Jody McNicholas Jody McNicholas

The term “transformational media” has become a buzz word among entertainment circles in Hollywood and elsewhere. Movies that investigate the very essence of our reality such as I AM, Thrive, and The Shift are hitting the mainstream while celeb support for organizations such as GATE (Global Alliance for Transformational Media) has infused this movement over the last few years. Yet conscious independent filmmakers — as well as artists of other mediums — have always used their art to encourage more holistic ways of thinking, albeit on a smaller scale. In fact, during these times of shifting perceptions, it is often those who operate under the radar who create the most positive change in their communities and, with the aid of the Internet, globally as well.

It is a rare artist of any status, however, who can create consistently from a place of integrity and allow her values to shine through in the quality of her work. Filmmaker Jody McNicholas, owner of Taos, New Mexico-based Walk-In Productions, is one such artist. Jody has created eight films, many of which were shot in part in the Sedona area. Her films explore a variety of subjects, including healing, star elders, addiction and recovery, and Native American traditions.

Jody’s lifelong work in the field of addiction — including the creation of an innovative, personal healing course for drug and alcohol treatment programs in Chico, California, based on the archetypical work of Caroline Myss — has given her a unique perspective on the strength of the human spirit. This perspective is evident in all of her films, which use biography and gentle imagery to explore larger issues.