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Inspired Guidance

Orgasms and Ice Cream

Nana Hendricks

As a spiritual counselor and guide, I have helped many people cross over to the other side. The death and dying process is a miracle to witness. I have seen the soul leaving the body, and I have journeyed with it into the light.

Children and Food

Tony Samara

A question comes up these days about food and the best way to help children achieve optimum nutrition. It is impossible to answer this briefly, so I'll just focus on one thing: emotional eating, which tends to be the problem with most children.

Seven Days to a More Positive Attitude

Victor Parachin

In the early twentieth century, one of London's most prominent physicians, Dr. Bruce Porter, was treating a young teen suffering from a life-threatening illness. Her one comfort was reading a serialized newspaper story in which the heroine struggled with the same illness. Dr.

What Is Ho‘oponopono?

Jim Nourse

Perhaps the best place to begin an answer to this question is how to pronounce Ho‘oponopono! Think three words: HOh-oh POH-no POH-no. The closest English translation is "to make right" or "to correct an error."

Polarity and Balance

Matthew Schonbrun

All of us are engaged in the process of remembering and awakening to our true essences. Each of us gets to decide how quickly or slowly we would like this process of evolution to take.

Out of the Fishbowl and into Our New World

Kerry Hettleman

Congratulations, you made it! January 27, 2014, we ascended! We have entered the fourteenth baktun,1 the beginning of a new 5,125-year cycle — a.k.a. our new world.

Open to Your Majesty and Recognize the God Within

Catherine Richardson

You've been meditating daily. You've been going to yoga five times a week. You repeat mantras in the shower while opening your chakras though visualization. You systematically pray for peace, love, compassion, and a healthy planet.

Discovering the Potency of Thought

Cullen Smith

Our Pleiadian star friends, Laarkmaa (pronounced "Laaaarkmaaaa"), have asked us to discuss their perspective on the energy of thought. Laarkmaa tells us that thought is one of the most potent energies on the planet at this time. We are trapped in our pain and suffering by the thoughts we think.

The Era of Conscience

Cinda Crull

It's exciting that we're heading toward an era of global community consciousness. The elements that don't match the sense of "we're all in this together" are now surfacing to help us to redirect ourselves toward that vision, both personally and collectively.

ETs, UFOs, Earth, and Your Life: What Do They Have in Common?

Cheryl Gall

Many are reporting more activity (ghosts, entities, and so on) in their homes. Many are questioning the world that we live in and what we have been told lifetime after lifetime. Many are reporting more UFOs in the skies all over the world.


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