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Inspired Guidance

Are You Ready to Move up the Spiral?

Robert Hintzke

You see, most people think great God will
come from the sky
Take away everything and make everybody
feel high
But if you know what life is worth, you will
look for yours on Earth
Now you see the light, stand up for your rights

Loving the Third Dimension

Wendy Zellea

The ascension process is just that: an energetic journey that begins with moving out of the collective consciousness and into the uncharted territory of the higher realms. This is done while simultaneously living third-dimensional everyday life.

Keys to the Kingdom

Peter Sterling

For almost twenty-five years, I have been investigating the spiritual phenomena of angelic beings of light penetrating into the realms of humans and affecting change and miracles on many levels.

A Tarantula in My Kitchen

Cecily MacArthur

It was about 11:00 at night, and I was shutting down the lights to go to bed. As I walked into the kitchen, I froze. There was a tarantula the size of my hand in the middle of the floor. Oh my God!

Kabbalah for Kids: The Parent's Guide to a Productive Week

Jill Cikins

In the nursery rhyme that begins "Monday's Child," each day is associated with a trait or feeling. Many of us remember it from our childhood, and some of us even recite it with our own children today.

Conundrum Considerations

Zen Benefiel

Achieving cosmic consciousness is like hacking a super computer: Every time you think you've found a key, it just opens another level of encryption guarding the source code. What if we didn't have to hack the code?

Life-Force Energy

Linda Abrams

The following is an explanation of lifeforce energy. This came about when I was preparing to teach a class on a Sunday morning.

An Encounter with the Numinous


It was December 1978 and bitterly cold.

Full Circle

Navneet Kaur

Following is an adapted passage from the book The Mystery of Woman: A Book for Men (John Hunt Publishing, September 2012) by Gabriel Morris.

The Protective Double Bubble

Barbara Rother

I am sure there are people who feel well protected from the situations that occur in life. They have a certain confidence where they know that all is well in their worlds and that harmful circumstances will simply pass them by.


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