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Plug In, Listen, and Remain Connected

Plug In, Listen, and Remain Connected Her Angels through Kerry Hettleman

It began in childhood, with Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder and gently whispering into your ear. Then it transitioned into adulthood as you received directly from your God within. There is and always has been divine guidance available to you throughout your life. Are you listening? Listening is the most important factor, not only as you transform and ascend into the new year, but also as you transform and ascend into your new world.

Transformation and ascension may be the focal point for those who are awake and aware. However, transformation and ascension are also the present opportunity for all of humanity, whether you are aware of this reality or not. To make this transformation with conscious intention and direction of energy is the opportune way to go. Together, we humbly proclaim, it is time to plug in, listen, and remain connected because we are ascending!

Throughout the year, we have been in training for an ascended expression of existence. Are you getting off the pendulum, releasing the program of polarity, and becoming the neutron? Do you view your life and All That Is from a place of neutrality, whereby you become a conscious cocreator?