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Inspired Guidance

Humanity’s Awakening in the Cycle of Uranus Square Pluto

Govinda Miller

The Uranus square Pluto aspect is the primary energy that represents the profound, radical upsets happening in our world today. This profound alignment is at its peak intensity now through November 2013.

The Secret Life of Walk-Ins

Scott Blum

One of the first concepts one must accept on faith when embarking on a spiritual path is that of a soul being separate and distinct from the physical body that contains it.

Plug In, Listen, and Remain Connected

Her Angels
Kerry Hettleman

It began in childhood, with Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder and gently whispering into your ear. Then it transitioned into adulthood as you received directly from your God within. There is and always has been divine guidance available to you throughout your life. Are you listening?

The Seeds of 2013 Are Sprouting

Nina Brown

The months of 2013 have been fascinating for many people across the planet. Discord, disruption, uncertainty, and new directions all swirled around as the old energy was being replaced by new energy.

Transiting into the Golden Age of Oneness

Seven Arrows

The long age of individuality is coming to a close. The ages roll. The long-awaited age of feeling/being one is upon us. As we let the false structures, both within and without, topple where they may, we know they have seen their day.

A Shamanic Look into the Astrology of 2014: The Great Square of Awakening

Ken Robinson

What amazing stirrings in the night sky as the new year begins! The astrology chart for January 1, 2014, shows a conjoining of the Sun, the Moon, Pluto, and Mercury, all orbiting within nine degrees of each other in the constellation of the Archer, commonly referred to as Sagittarius.

Truth in the Classroom for and from Students

Dave Casdan

Imagine a world where the school bullies see their illusions, transform the darkness inside of themselves, and find true respect and care for the ones they once bullied.

The Lost Wisdom of God

Virginia Ellen

Scientists, scholars, historians, and theologians have been looking for the lost wisdom of God. They have been looking in ancient ruins and temples, in the pyramids, and in the lost gospels. The last place anyone has ever looked is within the human self.

Clarity and Cleansing

Krsanna Duran

Continued high streams of galactic radiation make an excellent year for transitioning into greater mental clarity and DNA potentials in 2014. These go hand-in-hand with magnetic north's movement toward Siberia.

Unearth Heart Intelligence in Your Life

Amanda Hessel

The intelligence of the heart has been scarcely expressed in our world. There have been a number of great models who have lived this intelligence for us on Earth.


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