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Get Ready for the Biggest Upgrade in Human History

The Brotherhood of Light
Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear readers, from the Brotherhood of Light. We gather in glorious numbers to help you usher in the new age of humanity. The Aquarian Age is here — the birthing is almost over! Congratulations, dear caterpillars, your time to fly is swiftly coming.

You Are the Pioneers of the New Changes on Earth

Council of Wise Ones
Therese Dorer

I am guided to a triangle of light with a column of light inside. I am asked to enter the triangle. As I stand in the column of light, my body dissipates and my spirit rises up the column and enters the fifth dimension of light and formlessness.

You're Catching Up, but You're Not There Yet

David Reid Lowell

Michel, I'd like to know what is going to happen in the coming year. It seems that everything is moving so quickly. Will the war end? Will the economy get better? Will there be peace?

Receiving Life Together

Nancy Elizabeth Brady

Channel's Note: Aumorra (pronounced o-more-a) is guide from the Pleiades who communicates for a galactic coalition known as the Wisdom Carriers.

Time Is Under Construction and a Rerouting Is in Progress

The Sisters of the Seven Stars and the Nine Time Lords
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Sisters of the Seven Stars

You Are Standing Centerstage in the Great Drama of Earth

The Pleiadians
Sylvia Bucek

The veil between heaven and Earth is dispersing as effortlessly as morning mist over Creator's garden. An angel appears in the mist on a ray of light as though it has brought him or her from on high.

Embracing the Whole Self

The Galactic Frequency Council
Catherine Richardson

Here we are in the last month of 2012, in the thick of it all. Now is the time on Earth that has been anticipated with both joy and dread for many, many years. Over the past three years, we have shared ways to benefit from this powerful wave of energy arriving in 2012.

Familial Integrity: Your Accelerated Evolutionary Path

Lily and the Group
Beverley Bright Star

We wish to thank all who have enjoyed reading our stories and parables. At this great time on planet Earth, we wish to say that your evolution is occurring much, much faster than was anticipated by us and others in our galaxy.

Are We There Yet? Stepping Out of Three-Dimensional Polarity into Our Oneness

Kerry Hettleman

Are we there yet? If your desired destination is ascension into the next dimension, we can honestly say, "Not yet, dear." We will arrive when we arrive, and until then let us focus on our journey in the present moment and how we can make the passage with ease.

This Great Change Begins with You

The Andromedans
Ray Dawn

Greetings from the Andromeda star system. We are here to speak to you of your upcoming emergence as a species of light. We are a part of your solar family, and we wish to bring information to you all in the greatest orders of the light and the truth of this light that is your true nature.


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